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Equitix is a leading investor, developer and long-term fund manager of core infrastructure and renewable energy assets in the UK and Europe. Equitix has raised £7 billion of equity, including managed accounts, and is governed by seven senior investment professionals with more than 130 years of public-sector industry experience between them.

The investment strategy for the funds focuses on small to mid-sized infrastructure projects located in the UK and Europe across a wide range of sectors but with a focus on social infrastructure, renewable energy and utilities. Equitix seeks to hold assets for the life of all its core funds.

With over 300 core infrastructure projects acquired since the firm’s inception in 2007, Equitix has institutionalised its distinctive approach to infrastructure investing and has demonstrated a predictable rate of deployment for over ten years.

Equitix has established a strong reputation as a leading developer, trusted partner, operator and fiduciary fund manager.



A Unique Structure

Equitix is uniquely structured to incorporate two complementary platforms, allowing the business to bid competitively in both the primary and secondary infrastructure markets.

Equitix Ltd, a separate subsidiary within Equitix, acts as a primary bidder or developer of a select number of infrastructure projects that the funds will have the exclusive ability, but not the obligation, to acquire.

This distinctive structure allows investors to access a proprietary pipeline of developed core infrastructure assets while also investing in secondary market opportunities that should provide investors with more immediate yield.

Leveraging this structure and the resulting differentiated approach to opportunity sourcing enables Equitix to build a diversified portfolio of assets, generating stable, consistent and inflation-linked cash flows over the life of each fund.

Equitix is majority owned by TFG Asset Management L.P., a diversified alternative asset management business that owns majority and minority private equity stakes in asset management companies. Approximately 25% of the economic interests in the Equitix group is owned by Equitix’s management team. TFG Asset Management is part of Tetragon Financial Group Limited, a closed-ended investment company that is traded on Euronext in Amsterdam N.V. and on the Specialist Fund Segment of the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

Further information on Tetragon is available here.

Equitix in Europe

Equitix has evolved substantially since its inception in 2007 and now invests in a broad range of infrastructure sectors and geographies, much developed since its initial days focusing on UK Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

As a result, we now have a substantial portfolio of investments on the European mainland, acquiring our first in 2014, when Equitix Fund III bought Garbagnate Salute – an operational hospital on the outskirts of Milan, Italy. The project was sourced through Equitix relationships and has led to a number of follow-on transactions in the healthcare sector such that, as of March 2020, Equitix has a portfolio of over 10 hospitals across Northern Italy.

In addition to healthcare, we also have assets in the renewable energy, social infrastructure, transportation and telecommunications sectors located outside of the UK. Some examples include:

Telecom Castilla La Mancha – a broadcast and telecommunications tower provider in Spain, acquired in February 2020 by Euro Fund I

Gentse Warmte Centrale – a biomass-to-energy development situated in Belgium and acquired in January 2020 by Euro Fund I

Irish Social Housing Bundle 2 – the design, build, finance and maintenance of eight new social housing developments at various sites within Ireland, acquired in December 2019 by Euro Fund I

E18 – a Finnish motorway acquired by Euro Fund I in September 2018

Catalan Courts – three court buildings in Barcelona and Equitix’s first investment into the Spanish market, acquired in April 2018 by Equitix Fund IV

Zouk – an operational portfolio of nine Italian solar parks spread across five different locations, acquired by Equitix Fund IV in January 2016

Novara Hospital – an operational healthcare asset in the Piedmont region of Italy, acquired in August 2017 by Equitix Fund III


Owing to the growth in our portfolio, Equitix has opened up several offices in mainland Europe, specifically in Frankfurt, Milan and Dublin and a new office is due to open in Spain.

Equitix looks to secure opportunities on a bilateral basis in these markets. Our investment and asset management teams include several European nationals, with full language capabilities, able to build strong networks in the region and to ensure proper oversight of assets once operational.

For further information on our European capabilities please email [email protected]

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