Nevis Range Hydro

In November 2019, Equitix completed on a 100% stake in its first hydro-power asset, commissioned in 2016 and underpinned by the UK Government Feed in Tariff (“FiT”) scheme which is the subsidy mechanism for small scale renewables.

In run of river (“RoR”) hydropower schemes, power is generated by the diversion of water from the natural water flow of a river.  The water is diverted from the river, through a subterranean channel to a turbine and generator. Once it passes through the turbine, the water is returned back to the river.

This asset has a water intake system (with screens), a pressure pipeline (penstock), a powerhouse including a turbine, generator and control equipment, a tailrace and outfall (a pipe to return water from the turbine to the watercourse), electrical and metering systems, access tracks and monitoring and communication systems.

The scheme is fitted with two 555kw Hydrohrom twin jet pelton turbines which each drive a 400v, 606kVA rated TES generator. This type of turbine is considered to be appropriate for a run of river scheme of this nature.