Our approach to sustainability

Since our foundation in 2007, sustainable investing has been a core element of our investment strategy as we look to create value and generate attractive, sustainable, financial returns for our investors over the long term. Our focus on sustainability is also embedded into our corporate activities as we look to protect the environment, positively impact the development of society and reduce inequality over the long-term.

Equitix has been a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2010. We are rated as an A-class investor in the infrastructure and governance classes.

Responsible investment

Responsible investment to Equitix involves the conscientious stewardship of the assets in our portfolio and as responsible stewards, ESG risks and opportunities are systematically integrated into our origination and asset management decisions at every stage. The provision of high-quality infrastructure is critical to economic growth and we believe that delivering this growth within our established sustainability framework, creates responsible project companies generating long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders, and enhanced returns for our investors.

Equitix recognises its social and environmental responsibilities and addresses these in the governance of assets. We seek to deliver the UN PRI Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with the communities that our assets serve.

We identify, manage and target these goals both when screening investments prior to acquisition and during our ongoing management.

Identification of ESG risks and opportunities is key to the investment process to determine whether Equitix will consider an investment during its rigorous investmentĀ  process.

ESG targets are also set as part of the pre-investmentĀ process and are asset-specific outcomes.

Whilst the majority of ESG risks, together with mitigating strategies, are identified at the inception of the investment, the process of reviewing ESG risks and opportunities continues over the life of the investment.

Following the execution of an investment, Equitix takes an active role in managing those risks and opportunities. This extends to taking board seats on the assets, and actively meeting with management on site to ensure that the interests of all our stakeholders are protected.

Targets are reviewed and updated as part of the continuous asset management process throughout the life of our investments.

Case study: Hydrogen Trials with Firmus Energy

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility entails the careful management of our offices and staff. Equitix has pledged to providing all staff with sustainability and ESG training and to improving the equality and diversity across the organisation. As part of our sustainability goals, we have also committed to implementing the recommendations made by the Taskforce for Climate Change Financial Disclosure (TCFD), to off-setting our carbon footprint and to ensuring all of our offices are carbon neutral by 2025.

Equitix believes that a commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) makes good business sense and complements our values of trust, partnership and excellence. The following are our pillars of CSR:

Recognising the important role that we play in supporting the local communities that our assets operate in.

Finding, supporting and developing great people throughout their Equitix career.

Minimising our impact on the environment in a responsible and ethical manner.

Leadership through action.

Setting office sustainability plans to manage our environmental footprint.

Equitix also commits to the following overarching sustainability goals:

Sustainability-related disclosures

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